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Mightyena and Poochyena by Archiedrachennfall Mightyena and Poochyena :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 2 0 Arcanine - Another simple drawing by Archiedrachennfall Arcanine - Another simple drawing :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 3 0 Charizard by Archiedrachennfall Charizard :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 1 0 Why take it so seurious?? by Archiedrachennfall Why take it so seurious?? :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 1 0 Cape Barren geese by Archiedrachennfall Cape Barren geese :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 1 0 Pheasant by Archiedrachennfall Pheasant :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 0 0 In the Middle of Nowhere by Archiedrachennfall In the Middle of Nowhere :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 0 0 Arara Caninde aka Araruna by Archiedrachennfall Arara Caninde aka Araruna :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 0 0 Hercilio Luz by Archiedrachennfall Hercilio Luz :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 0 0 Puppy Attack! by Archiedrachennfall Puppy Attack! :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 1 0 Warrior by Archiedrachennfall Warrior :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 1 0 Lonely by Archiedrachennfall Lonely :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 1 0 At the top of Cerro Bayo by Archiedrachennfall At the top of Cerro Bayo :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 0 0 Patio do Colegio - Sao Paulo monument by Archiedrachennfall Patio do Colegio - Sao Paulo monument :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 1 0 Caraguatatuba - beach in the state of Sao Paulo by Archiedrachennfall Caraguatatuba - beach in the state of Sao Paulo :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 1 0 Lake Nahuel Huapi by Archiedrachennfall Lake Nahuel Huapi :iconarchiedrachennfall:Archiedrachennfall 2 0


Wolf Maker by Wyndbain Wolf Maker :iconwyndbain:Wyndbain 15,279 3,736 Enraged by Melydion Enraged :iconmelydion:Melydion 71 18
Mature content
Black-tagged :iconkimishima-naomi:kimishima-naomi 2 0
alola ninetales, greninja, gardevoir, braixen by logancure alola ninetales, greninja, gardevoir, braixen :iconlogancure:logancure 693 32 Derek x Angie by allamandaphotography Derek x Angie :iconallamandaphotography:allamandaphotography 4 5 Origin of All that is Good by Sarn-Elyren Origin of All that is Good :iconsarn-elyren:Sarn-Elyren 202 93 TC: Special Feeling Meme by Cranberryduceus TC: Special Feeling Meme :iconcranberryduceus:Cranberryduceus 14 17 Fox Headed Wench by haveywolf Fox Headed Wench :iconhaveywolf:haveywolf 75 5 To Commit Deicide by BloodyRosalia To Commit Deicide :iconbloodyrosalia:BloodyRosalia 60 23 A Bomb's A Bad Choice For Close-Range Combat by l156a21 A Bomb's A Bad Choice For Close-Range Combat :iconl156a21:l156a21 7 1 The Corpse Whisperer by GrovyleandCelebi The Corpse Whisperer :icongrovyleandcelebi:GrovyleandCelebi 10 7 Naomi can't cook(except curry) by TomboyJessie13 Naomi can't cook(except curry) :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 12 3 Naomi Kimishima by DMCjb3 Naomi Kimishima :icondmcjb3:DMCjb3 9 8
Trauma Center Secret Santa
"Naomi, Naomi, Wake up! It's Christmas!" Alyssa cheered, jumping on Naomi's bed. "Ugh..." Naomi groaned and opened her eyes, looking at the clock.
'4:45 am?!'
Naomi groaned.
"Alyssa.. Go back to sleep. It's too early."
Alyssa frowned and started jumping again.
"It's never TO early for Christmas!" Naomi opened up one eye and looked at Alyssa's beaming face. Naomi smiled.
"Alright... but after we open up presents we are going straight back to bed, okay?" Alyssa nodded with extreme enthusiasm. "Okay!" Alyssa said beaming, before running off.
'How is she so enthusiastic in the earliest of mornings?' Naomi thought to herself as she got out of her bed and rubbed her eyes. Out of her corner of her eye, she saw Chloe strut on up to her. Naomi grabbed her night-robe and put it on, tying the string. Then, she picked up Chloe and walked to the living room. Alyssa noticed Naomi's presence and brightened up and ran over to Naomi, jumping up and down.
"Santa came! Santa came!" Alyssa cheered and ran
:iconphoenyxstiles:PhoenyxStiles 3 3
Lusamine by logancure Lusamine :iconlogancure:logancure 962 52 After the crash by Shrimp-Productions After the crash :iconshrimp-productions:Shrimp-Productions 5 0


Mightyena and Poochyena
I drew her sometime ago, I really love this pokémon and I while I grabbed my pencil I drifted back to when I played pokémon and I had a female mightyena called Hawkeye, after that I created a little history to her, Leave "Hoenn" and went to Sinnoh and had to leave Hawkeye behind for some time ... She had a puppy but could not overcome being left behind
This was my first time treating an image, lets hope it worked...
Arcanine - Another simple drawing
After Charizard, Arcanine is my favorite fire type pokemon, I'd love to have one with me my entire life, so sad they don't are alive...
This one is my favorite fire typing, Arcanine....
Well, somedays I have nothing to do in the University, then I start drawing.
After another day doing nothing, I started drawing, and one of those draws is this Charizard, my favorite Fire/Flying type.
If I draw anymore, I shall post here
Why take it so seurious??
Well, my little german shepherd puppy finally grew up...
Maybe not, Luna is already 2 years old, but this lovely dog is the little thing that bring happiness to our house.


Júlia Amaral
Well, how can I start it.... My name you already know since you've entered here.
I am a student pursuing my dream to become a doctor in a nearby future, I live in São Paulo, Brasil with my family.
I love music, reading, writing, planes (in my profile photo, I'm inside a EMBRAER 153 if i am not mistake) photography and drawing. I can tell ya that there are 5 bands in my heart, Sonata Arctica (waiting for my copy of Pariah's Child now), Legião Urbana (Great Brazilian group), R.E.M. (since my childhood), The Smiths (they carved their way to my heart some little time ago), and Sea Wolf (a very unknown band here in my country).
Well, I am quite an Amateur and my contribution here will be mostly photos.
Thanks for reading this, love you guys!!
( ya can e-mail me anytime to request anything use this one:
or find me in TuneWiki: L0N3_W0LF)


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